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The first METACOM symbols were created for my daughter Meta, who, due to her disability, was not able to use other symbol systems. Since other children and adults could use METACOM symbols to their advantage, I decided to expand METACOM, with the goal of a symbol system that is espacially easy to understand.

Before I started with METACOM, I had already acquired experience in designing other kinds of symbols, i.e. icons for orientation in buildings or explaining functions of devices. Simple, stylized and highly communicative pictograms have been fascinating for me ever since. Years later my daughter made it clear to me, how important the quality of symbols can be for their understanding.

METACOM is a professionally designed symbol system especially developed for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), whose continuous development I still enjoy doing. The need for better means of communication for my daughter Meta, but also the positive responses and suggestions from users, parents, teachers, therapists, etc. made METACOM possible.


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  • More than 10000 symbols especially designed for AAC
  • MetaSearch with an English and German keyword search and new editing options
  • On DVD-ROM and for download
  • Symbols available as JPGs and PNGs
  • Symbols as PNGs with transparent backgrounds for easy combining with other symbols and coloured backgrounds
  • Many symbols have monochrome versions
  • Various layout templates for most common office applications to insert the symbols with a text frame, also available for room labels
  • The AAC iPad app MetaTalkUS uses the English METACOM symbols, more applications in planning
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