Visual impairment

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The World Blind Union (WBU) is the internationally recognized organization, representing the 285 million blind and partially sighted persons in 190 member countries. We are the voice of the blind, speaking to governments and international bodies on issues concerning blindness and low vision in conjunction with our members.

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Vision Australia is a leading national provider of blindness and low vision services in Australia. We work in partnership with Australians who are blind or have low vision to help them achieve the possibilities they choose in life.

We support more than 27,500 people of all ages and life stages, and circumstances. We do this through 28 Vision Australia centres in Victoria, New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia; 30 clinics; and through outreach programs in the Northern Territory and Tasmania.

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MozBraille is an extension to transform Mozilla or Firefox to a stand alone accessible Internet browser designed for blind or partially sighted users .

This guide presents an overview of current vision technologies that can provide students, who are visually impaired or blind, with effective and independent means of accessing e-text. Includes both print and Braille.

National Federation of the Blind - The Ustraap is a navigational aid for blind users. It’s more what I would call, “local” navigation, and not long distance like GPS. It is meant to be used in combination with a cane or dog guide, and not to replace them, (which is the first of several things that the folks from Ustraap got right).
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The birth of the ONCE in 1938 was made possible by the confluence of a series of historical and social factors, resulting in a unique, member-based organization that is unequalled anywhere else on Earth.

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The Liblouis software suite provides an open-source braille translator, back-translator and formatter for a large number of languages and braille codes. It is a set of libraries designed for use in any of a number of applications, both free and commercial. It is written in C so that it does not require a runtime environment and hence can be used in applications written in high-level languages such as Java and Python.

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NV Access is pleased to announce that version 2015.3 of NVDA, the free screen reader for Microsoft Windows, has now been released. Highlights of this release include initial support for Windows 10; the ability to disable single letter navigation in browse mode (useful for some web apps); improvements in Internet Explorer; and fixes for garbled text when typing in certain applications with braille enabled.

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Many people with serious visual impairments live independently, using a wide range of tools and techniques. Examples of assistive technology for visually impairment include screen readers, screen magnifiers, Braille embossers, desktop video magnifiers, and voice recorders.
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