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Computers that can be powered with batteries and thus can be used anywhere; Included are, e.g., computers in combination with mobile phones such as smartphones.
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Sooner or later, everyone will develop at least some limitations in vision, hearing, dexterity or learning. To improve usability for those of us with sensory or physical limitations, phones and tablets have features for accessibility, which are continually improving and becoming more prevalent as technologies advance.

A number of built-in accessibility features, tools, and add-ons are helping to prompt Apple's iPad into the classroom. Now, the push to get textbooks accessed through this device to get rid of all those heavy books, ah, it is happening!! With a text reader and highlighter, this will really be something worth talking about. Students learn in different ways. The iPad can provide visual, audio and tactile learning; reaching many students’ learning styles. With every new operating system, the up-dates added have included various accessibility options. It just keeps getting better and better.

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