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Events related with assistive technologies or accessibility. Usually, generalist congresses about functional diversity hold assistive technologies presentations or workshops. Besides, typically at information technologies fairs, there is some type of space dedicated to solutions for people with functional diversity.

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The table shows events relating to functional diversity and ICT
Date Name Venue Event type Image
03/12/2019 International Day of Persons with Disabilities 2019 Celebración International Day of Persons with Disabilities icon
10/12/2019 Human Rights Day - 2019 Celebración Human Rights Day's icon
04/01/2020 World Braille Day - 2020 Celebración World Braille Day's icon
04/02/2020 World Cancer Day - 2020 Celebración World Cancer Day icon
28/02/2020 Rare Disease Day - 2020 Celebración Rare Disease Day icon
03/03/2020 World Hearing Day - 2020 Celebración World Hearing Day icon
08/03/2020 International Women’s Day - 2020 Celebración International Women’s Day logo
02/04/2020 World Autism Awareness Day - 2020 Celebración World Autism Awareness Day icon
11/04/2020 World Parkinson's Day - 2020 Celebración World Parkinson's Day icon
21/06/2020 ALS/MND Global Day - 2020 Celebración ALS/MND Global Day's icon