Collaboration with AT Observatory

Collaborations with AT Observatory:

  • Articles: The documents may be original, already published or not. However, every text must have copyright permissions yo be distributed through other channels. The author/s will be responsible for the text being able to be published at AT Observatory without any copyright issue. Also, the article publication at AT Observatory is not exclusive, so the author/s will be allowed to publish their work elsewhere, provided that AT Observatory is mentioned as the first place of publication if that was the case. Requirements:
    • Text must be in English or Spanish
    • Format: Microsoft Word, Open Office Writer or any other text processor that allows to be imported to any of those programs. PDF will not be accepted.
    • The author/s must provide their information in order for the article to be referenced. We recomend providing a LinkedIn or ResearchGate profile.
    • Non-commercial newspaper articles
    • More information in Spanish
  • Manufacturers: The companies that register as users can include products, modify their file and publish news related with their activity. The only requirements to include new products is that they must be ICT (Information and communications technology).
  • Retailers: After they fulfill the registration, they will be able to choose the products included in the data base and modify the Company's file. If a product is not included un our data base, they can ask for its inclusion, as long as it is related to ICT.
  • Other organitations: When they register, they will be able to publish news, programming events and keep up with any content of their interest.

AT Observatory is open to other type of collaborations that may have not been presented in this site which could improve the informartion we provide, and support the comunity we are building.

Therfore, we encourage organitations and individuals to contact AT Observatory and become part of this project.