JAWS and MAGic Selected by the Ministry for Information and Communications Technologies (MinTIC) for the Visually Impaired of Colombia



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Thu, 13/03/2014

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Freedom Scientific - (St. Petersburg, Florida – March 13, 2014) – Freedom Scientific announces today that JAWS screen reading software and MAGic screen magnification software were selected by MinTic as the products of choice to be included in a four-year government sponsored program, providing free access to this technology to all visually impaired people of Colombia. Our distributor, Soluciones Integrales Ver, will be playing a key role in managing this area of the initiative.

This four-year country-wide license, known as ConVertic, has the potential to reach up to 1.2 million users in Colombia throughout the duration of the project. Access to this software, along with all updates, will be made available to all users on individual home PCs and to public institutions, including schools, libraries, and universities. Private business and organizations are encouraged to support this effort.

“This program was developed as part of a long-term initiative of the IT Ministry, Vive Digital, aiming to reduce the digital divide,” says Valentina Wieser of Ver, adding that, “the Colombian Government has put a lot of emphasis on providing the best professional screen reading and screen magnifying software for its visually impaired population.”

MinTic recognized the need for the best possible professional solution, observing that it isn't enough to provide free access to software, thereby including high-quality training and technical support as a part of this initiative. “Training and support are an important aspect of this project. Ver is in charge of offering and coordinating all training courses throughout the country. We have contracted with a great number of trainers that are proficient in JAWS,” says Valentina, “and the fact that they are visually impaired allows them to also serve as role models and inspirations for those they are teaching.”

Freedom Scientific applauds this government initiative and looks forward to working with Ver to accommodate all visually impaired computer users in Colombia.

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