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Directory of companies that manufacture or develop software. In the case of software development, its creators can be no business organizations and even individuals.


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Directorio de organizaciones relacionadas con las tecnologías de apoyo y la accesibilidad
Nombre Country Description Imagen
Microsoft EE.UU. Microsoft Corporation (commonly referred to as Microsoft) is an American multinational technology company headquartered in Redmond, Washington, that develops,... Microsoft logo
mouse4all SL España mouse4all, S.L. is a start-up founded by José Ángel Jiménez Vadillo and Javier Montaner Gutiérrez to change the world or at least a little bit of it. We are... mouse4all logo
Nectarine Internet Nectarine logo
Nectarine China Nectarine logo
Nippon Telesoft Nippon Telesoft Co., Ltd. are developing and selling the line of products employing the latest technologies, besides developing computer software In particular... Nippon Telesoft logo
Nuapp Productions Internacional Nuapp Productions thrives on innovation, and believes in shaping the industry with its cutting edge solutions. As an organisation, Nuapp Productions is in tune... Nuapp Productions logo
Oculus VR Internacional Oculus VR is an American technology company founded by Palmer Luckey in June 2012 in Irvine, California, now based in Menlo Park. It specializes in virtual... Oculus logo
OwnFone Reino Unido This is a new and very different type of mobile company based in the UK. We believe in the importance of simplicity and good design, and want to bring some... OwnFone Website
Papoo These are electronic devices, equipment and technical aids specially designed to improve disabled people autonomy. Papoo logo
PlexTalk PLEXTALK is the registered trademark of Shinano Kenshi Co.,Ltd. and a brand name covering Digital Talking Book players and recorders we design and manufacture... Logotipo de PlexTalk