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1997/05 User instructions for payphones ITU-T E.137 (05/97) Standars ITU logo
2013 Usability of consumer products and products for public use -- Part 2: Summative test method ISO/TS 20282-2:2013 Standars ISO logo
2006/05 The international telecommunication charge card ITU-T E.118 (02/01) Standars ITU logo
2010 Systems and software engineering -- Systems and software product Quality Requirements and Evaluation (SQuaRE) -- Common Industry Format (CIF) for usability: General framework for usability-related information ISO/IEC TR 25060:2010 Standars ISO logo
1997/05 Specification of a tactile identifier for use with telecommunication cards ITU-T E.136 (05/97) Standars ITU logo
2004/06 Pictograms, symbols and icons to assist users of the telephone and telefax services ITU-T E.121 (07/96) Standars ITU logo
1988/11 Operating procedures for cardphones ITU-T E.133 (11/88) Standars ITU logo
2000/11 Multimedia conversational services UIT-T F.703 (11/00) Standars ITU logo
2014 Information technology for learning, education and training -- Language accessibility and human interface equivalencies (HIEs) in e-learning applications -- Part 1: Framework and reference model for semantic interoperability ISO/IEC 20016-1:2014 Standars ISO logo
2012/10 Information technology -- W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 ISO/IEC 40500:2012 Standars ISO logo