A physical disability, or  physical functional diversity[1], is any disability which limits the physical function of one or more limbs. Other physical disabilities include impairments which limit other facets of daily living, such as respiratory disorders and epilepsy.

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mouse4all, S.L. is a start-up founded by José Ángel Jiménez Vadillo and Javier Montaner Gutiérrez to change the world or at least a little bit of it. We are engineers and we like applying technology to solve real problems. We enjoy creating hardware (our mouse4all little box) and software (the Android app), but what we really like is to see how our inventions make our users happier: their smiling faces when they can watch the video they want, when they receive a WhatsApp and read it on their own or when they make a selfie all by themselves.


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A footmouse (also spelled foot mouse) is a type of computer mouse that gives the users the ability to move the cursor and click the mousebuttons with their feet. It is primarily used by users with disabilities or with high-back or neck problems. It is also promoted as a way to prevent such problems in the future and as a means to increase productivity by not having to move one's hand between the keyboard and mouse.

Source: Wikipedia


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A joystick is an input device consisting of a stick that pivots on a base and reports its angle or direction to the device it is controlling. A joystick, also known as the control column, is the principal control device in the cockpit of many civilian and military aircraft, either as a center stick or side-stick. It often has supplementary switches to control various aspects of the aircraft's flight.

Source: Wikipedia

Virtual mouse

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A virtual mouse is an on-screen software designed for anyone with a disability that makes it difficult or impossible to mouve or click a physical computer mouse.

Source: TecnoAccesible