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World ENABLED is an educational non-profit organization that promotes the rights and dignities of persons with disabilities. Our fieldwork and research initiatives further an inclusive human and civil rights approach to disability programs and policies. With our international partners we work to build inclusive societies where people with disabilities can develop their talents, skills and abilities and reach their full potential.

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Computer programs and systems are now available to support people who have writing difficulties. These include spellcheckers, word predictors, talking wordprocessors and portable writing aids. This book is intended to introduce these tools and help parents, teachers and writers choose the most suitable system.

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ONCE Foundation invites you to participate in the III International Congress of University and Disability, a forum that aims to be a meeting place to propose ideas and strategies to move towards the university inclusion and to let people know about the researches that have been made, programs and experiences related to persons with disabilities, which are being developed at universities in a global level.

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