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In December 2010, Terry Krutz became the new proprietor of the Loop America. The business continues its effort to facilitate the nationwide initiative to foster induction hearing loop systems installation.

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Audio induction loop systems, also called audio-frequency induction loops (AFILs) or hearing loops, are an assistive listening technology for individuals with reduced ranges of hearing.

Source: Wikipedia

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Univox CLS-1 is a compact yet powerful loop amplifier for wireless listening through your hearing aid. CLS-1 is developed for maximum power, versatility and ease of use and is equipped with Univox automatic gain control (Dual Action AGC) for a smooth sound experience. The thumb wheel volume control with digits for easily memorized setting of the right field strength level along with bass and treble controls secures pure sound quality. The metal case and effective cooling ensures long lasting problem free use.

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Devices for receiving or transmitting information using electromagnetic waves in induction loop systems; Included are, e.g., audio-frequency and carrier-frequency induction loop systems and induction loop receivers.
Source: EASTIN

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