Communication (from Latin commūnicāre, meaning "to share") is the purposeful activity of information exchange between two or more participants in order to convey or receive the intended meanings through a shared system of signs and semiotic rules.

Nuapp Productions

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Nuapp Productions thrives on innovation, and believes in shaping the industry with its cutting edge solutions. As an organisation, Nuapp Productions is in tune with the times and this has been possible due to its constant and ongoing efforts in training its people to prepare for not just the present of IT but for its future. This allows Nuapp to endeavour to deliver solutions, which are better than industry standards.

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Augmentative and alternative communication

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A communicator is a system that enables communication for people with any type of speech difficulty. It could be an informatic program for computers or mobile devices (a dynamic communicator), or a portable terminal specifically designed as a communicator (a basic communicator, a portable communicator, and a touchscreen communicator) using augmentative and alternative communication systems (AAC) or literacy systems (an alphanumeric keyboard communicator).